About us

Company nameProject Studio Q, Inc.
EstablishedJuly 3, 2017
Location3F, Hakataeki-minami MT Bldg, 1-8-12,
Hakataeki-minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka
812-0016, Japan
Business3DCG animation and 3DCG modeling on video and TV works.
Development of animators and 3DCG artists.
Board members
(as of July, 2022)
Hiroyasu Kobayashi / President & CEO
Shinnosuke Suzuki / Executive Vice President
Takeshi Aso
Yujiro Yamada
Yasuma Yokoo
Shogo Fukushima / Auditor
SupervisorHideaki Anno / Creative Supervisor
Nobuo Kawakami / Planning Supervisor
ContactTEL +81-92-452-8608


Hideaki Anno

CEO, Khara Inc. / Creative supervisor, Project Studio Q, Inc.

We have launched a new project to develop human resources mainly for CG animation with DWANGO and ASO College Group. I would be glad if we could contribute to the local industry by developing young skills and talents, and if qualities of works would be improved through this project.

Nobuo Kawakami

Founder, DWANGO Co., Ltd. / Director, KADOKAWA CORPORATION / Planning Supervisor, Project Studio Q, Inc.

Animation is one of the cultures Japan is famous for. However, while the world is in the era of digitalization, the establishment of Japanese style CG animation has not been achieved yet. We are living in the times where people can make works wherever you are thanks to the development of the internet and digital devices. We are expecting successes of Project Studio Q, started in FUKUOKA.

Takeshi Aso

CEO, ASO College Group / Member of the Board, Project Studio Q, Inc.

Here in Kyushu, we established a CG studio that works at the forefront with the top creators. We are expecting that working in Kyushu will be a new option for many creators and those who want to be CG creators. We will develop talented human resources who will lead the CG animation industry from Kyushu and contribute to the growth in the industry.


Studio Q Staff

We are not currently recruiting.